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By Research Areas

By Research Areas

Life science studies every living thing on earth, e.g., human beings, animals, plants, and microbes. Cell signaling plays a central role in modern life science research. With the revolution of molecular and cellular biology, genetics, genomics, and computational biology, more solutions have been generated to solve problems in basic and medical research.

With advanced technologies and dedicated scientists, CD BioSciences offers research solutions including but not limited to the following research areas.

By Research Areas

 Apoptosis & Cell Death

Cell death is a fundamental biological process, which has been extensively explored in the past several decades. Active cell death (apoptosis, necroptosis, pyroptosis ferroptosis, alkaliptosis and oxeiptosis) are tightly regulated by signaling pathways.

Since cell death is closely linked to diseases, the in-depth characterization of cell death events may uncover novel therapeutic targets. CD BioSciences provides a comprehensive panel of research solutions covering all aspects of cell death study.

Cancer & Tumorigenesis

Cancer describes the disease with uncontrolled cell growth. It's one of the most common causes of death in the United States. The financial costs of cancer are estimated to be over $150 Billion per year nationally. Thus, the research of cancer has always been popular, aiming at the development of safe and effective methods to prevent, detect, diagnose, treat and ultimately cure the disease.

CD BioSciences provides a comprehensive panel of research solutions covering all aspects of cancer study to meet the goals of our clients.

Diabetes & Metabolism

Metabolism describes the series of chemical reactions in a living system. The purposes of metabolism are conversion of nutrients to energy or building blocks, and elimination of nitrogenous wastes. The processes of metabolism are tightly controlled by cellular signaling pathways to maintain metabolic homeostasis of the system. Altered patterns of metabolism are one of the hallmarks of cancer.

CD BioSciences offers a comprehensive panel of research solutions covering all aspects of metabolism and metabolic disease study to provide a better and deeper understanding of metabolic regulation.

Growth & Development

Developmental biology is a branch of life science which studies the genetic control of cell growth, differentiation, migration and survival. It also includes the investigation of processes that generate an organism's heterogeneous shapes, size, and structural features.

CD BioSciences provides a comprehensive panel of research solutions covering all aspects of developmental biology study to foster greater progress in the understanding of developmental abnormalities and in the treatment of congenital disorder and cancer.

Immunology & Inflammation

Immunology studies the immune system which includes immune organs, immune cells, antibodies, and cytokines. It has a broad range of applications in medicine, particularly in the fields of organ transplantation, and oncology.

Inflammation is a defensive response against infections, injuries and toxins. Chronic inflammation is a risk factor for tumor development.

CD BioSciences provides a comprehensive panel of solutions covering all aspects of life science research, including immunology and inflammation.

Proteostasis & UPR

Proteostasis is the dynamic regulation of protein homeostasis, where all the cellular pathways govern the production, folding, trafficking and degradation of proteins. Pathways to ensure proteostasis in different subcellular compartments are defined as unfolded protein responses (UPRs), which have evolved in the cytosol as cytosolic heat shock response (HSR), endoplasmic reticulum as UPRER and mitochondria as UPRmt.

Dysfunction of proteostasis signaling pathways has been implicated in a variety of age-related diseases including neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic diseases, inflammatory diseases, and cancer. CD BioSciences offers ER and mitochondrial UPR related research solutions to provide better and deeper understanding of proteostasis regulation.

Solutions for Studying Signaling Pathways

Our solutions for signaling pathway research include but are not limited to the following.

  • Regulator Identification
  • Identifying gene regulators participating in certain signaling pathways.

  • Regulator Characterization
  • Studying the molecular function of certain regulators in signaling pathways.

  • Mechanism Study
  • Investigating into the mechanism of regulation of certain regulators.

  • Phenotype Analysis
  • Analyzing the cellular phenotypes regulated by genes/proteins of interest.

  • Animal Model Generation
  • Generating genetically engineered animal models for research use.

  • Chemical Screening
  • Screening inhibitors or activators of certain signaling pathways.

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