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Cell-based Services

Cell-based Services

A cell is the functional basic unit of all living beings with shared characteristics such as growth and development, response to the environment, metabolism and homeostasis, which are all regulated by signaling pathways. Cells constantly monitor perturbations of signaling transductions to make responses timely and efficiently.

Dysregulation of cell signaling pathways often leads to malfunction of cellular processes such as cell proliferation, metabolism, apoptosis, inflammation, autophagy and antioxidant defenses. Thus, studying cellular activities is an important step to understand how the signaling pathway functions.

CD BioSciences offers services covering all cell-related assays from generating stable cell lines for further analysis, detecting the metabolic status of cells, all kinds of cell-based assays for cellular activity analysis, to live cell imaging for various purposes.



Cell Line Engineering

Generation of cell lines is time-consuming and complex, but inevitable for investigating the mechanisms of signaling pathways.

CD BioSciences is a leading provider of custom cell line engineering services. With our cutting-edge technology, we will make any modification you want in the cell line you specify.


Metabolism Assays

Metabolites are involved in the energy production and generation of cellular building blocks and often participate in signaling pathways as ligands. Metabolic activity assays are used to determine the metabolic stability of the system, so that researchers can have a better understanding of it.

CD BioSciences offers a portfolio of metabolism assay services to measure the levels of various metabolites and metabolic activities.


Phenotype Analysis

Analyzing phenotypes of cells is required for understanding gene and protein functions, as well as dissecting the mechanisms controlling those phenotypes in cell signaling pathway research. It is also a vital part of drug discovery and development in biomedical research.

CD BioSciences offers a complete portfolio of high-quality assay services based on cultured cells to assess the biochemistry and physiology of both healthy and diseased cells. These assays, analyzing cell proliferation, toxicity, viability, apoptosis, migration, oxidative stress condition, allow researchers to capture the status of cellular activity and uncover relevant mechanisms.


Live Cell Imaging

With the advancements in microscopy, live cell imaging has created a revolution in biological research, as it allows scientists to observe, track, and quantify dynamic processes in whole tissues, cells, and subcellular structures with high spatial and temporal resolution. The application of live cell imaging to the research in cellular signaling pathways opens a new window to the understanding of cell functions.

As a trusted service provider for decades, CD BioSciences has developed a fully working live imaging system integrating microscope, cameras, imaging software and other necessary components to allow the monitoring of cell activity in real-time.


CD BioSciences offers cost-effect, high quality and hassle-free services to our clients worldwide. We guarantee to deliver our results and products on time. Please feel free to contact us.

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