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Organism-based Services

Organism-based Services

Model organisms, which are non-human species (e.g. bacteria, animals, plants), have been widely used in research labs around the world to make scientific discoveries, e.g., obtaining information about diseases and their prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

In the study of signaling pathways and relevant diseases, model organisms are of great use for investigating gene functions and discovering potential medical interventions. However, as animals get more evolutionarily closed to human beings, their maintenance and handling get more complex.

As a popular service provider with decades of experience, CD BioSciences offers a list of organism-based services to free researchers from all the hassle in preparing research models.

Organism-based services

Organism-based services

Model Creation

Organism-based services

Breeding & Genotyping

Model organisms used in research are often genetically engineered. Advancing genome editing technologies like CRISPR/Cas9 allow for genome manipulation of model organisms to investigate the association of genes with human diseases and study the molecular function of genes.

CD BioSciences offers customized model creation services to help you obtain the best animal models resembling human diseases, or generate genetically engineered organisms of your interest.

Breeding and genotyping are inevitable in a well preformed study using model organisms. To maintain a defined genetic background and to minimize animal-to-animal variations in phenotype, animals should be accurately bred and genotyped.

CD BioSciences offers a series of breeding and genotyping services to provide you with abundant research models.

Organism-based services

Health Surveillance

Organism-based services

Surgery & Preconditioning

Health surveillance is to detect subclinical infections of animals with the potential to detrimentally affect research. Maintaining healthy animals is essential to the integrity of scientific research as well as animal welfare.

CD BioSciences offers a health surveillance program monitoring laboratory animals for both routine surveillance and for diagnosis of diseases.

It is not only the genetics of animal models that matter in research programs, but also their husbandry. Thus, working with animal models is time and effort consuming.

CD BioSciences offers a complete array of surgical and preconditioning services from preparing disease model animals to all kinds of surgery with high ethical and quality standards.


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