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About Us

About Us

CD BioSciences is a trusted research product supplier and CRO based in New York. With high-quality reagents and comprehensive services, CD BioSciences is the one-stop shop devoted to researchers making advancements in signaling pathway studies.

Why Choose Us

CD BioSciences is committed to fulfilling all your demands in the research of signaling pathways. We provide high-quality reagents and comprehensive solutions to support your innovative discoveries.

High-Quality Reagents

With our stringent quality control system, the quality of our products can be guaranteed.

Standardized Procedures

Our assays are developed and processed with the highest standard and the results are delivered on time without compromising quality.

One-stop Services

Intended to save time and reduce costs for our clients, we provide extensive services to meet their needs.

CD BioSciences is devoted to being a world-leading company providing research reagents, services and solutions to assist scientists in making breakthroughs.