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Pathway Profiling with Antibody Array

Pathway Profiling with Antibody Array

An antibody array is a form of protein microarray which is a high-throughput technology for protein profiling. In this technology, a collection of antibodies is spotted and fixed on a solid surface such as glass, plastic, membrane, or silicon chip, and the interaction between the antibody and its target antigen is detected. It can be used to detect the levels of protein expression or post-translational modification (PTM).

In a signaling pathway, there are several components such as ligand, receptor, primary effector, second massager, secondary effecter and so on. Dysregulations of biological processes such as apoptosis, inflammation, angiogenesis, immune response and migration often cause dysregulations of signaling pathways and vice versa. An antibody array allows researchers to study the changes of protein level or PTM in signaling pathways through a single experiment.

CD BioSciences offers a variety of antibody array testing services covering a wide range of signaling pathways. With our ELISA based platform for high-throughput protein profiling in cells, tissues, serum, or even culture media, you are freed from lousy work like conventional Western Blots or traditional ELISA.

Cell signaling

The Workflow of Antibody Array Testing

Workflow of antibody array testing service at CD BioSciences.

Covered Signaling Pathways

Cells constantly communicate with each other and with the surrounding environment. Cell signaling or cell-cell communication governs the basic activities of cells, including proliferation, metabolism, and stress response. Understanding how cell signaling is perceived, processed and responded requires the study of the mechanisms of signaling pathways, i.e., which protein is functionally involved in which pathway and how it functions.

CD BioSciences offers full coverage of antibody array testing services to detect and quantify proteins in your pathway of interest, including but not limited to the following.

  • Adipokine signaling
  • AMPK pathway
  • Angiogenesis
  • B cell activation
  • Cancer signaling
  • EGFR signaling
  • Epigenetics
  • GPCR signaling
  • Inflammation
  • Jak/Stat pathway
  • MAPK signaling
  • mTOR pathway
  • NF-kB signaling
  • P53 signaling
  • PI3K/Akt pathway
  • Ras pathway
  • RTK signaling
  • Stress and apoptosis
  • T cell activation
  • TGF-β signaling
  • Toll receptor signaling
  • Ubiquitin pathway
  • Wnt signaling
  • etc.


CD BioSciences offers cost-effect, high quality and hassle-free pathway profiling with antibody array services to our clients worldwide. We guarantee to deliver our results on time. Please feel free to contact us.

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