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By Pathway Nodes

By Pathway Nodes

Signaling pathways describe the functional interdependencies between distinct classes of molecules which collectively determine cellular responses according to extracellular cues.

The components/nodes of signaling pathways are classified by the roles they play in response to signals. Ligands are the first massagers, which bind receptors whose role are signal transducers. Then, intracellular components such as kinases and transcription factors are engaged to further deliver the signals until cells finally produce appropriate responses.

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A Simplified Diagram of Signaling Pathway

Receptors & Sensors

A signaling pathway is initiated with the binding of a ligand to a receptor, which gives rise to biochemical cascades.

See our solutions for Receptors & Sensors.

PTM Enzymes

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) have important roles in signaling transductions by affecting the activity of proteins in signaling pathways.

See our solutions for PTM Enzymes.

Transcription Factors

The function of transcription factors (TFs) is to regulate gene transcription according to cellular signaling to make sure the right genes are expressed in the right amount on the right occasion.

See our solutions for Transcription Factors.

Cellular Responses

Different signaling pathways control different cellular processes. But all signaling pathways share a common goal, that is, to generate appropriate cellular responses to accommodate environmental changes.

See our solutions for Cellular Responses.

Other Nodes

We also develop case-specific solutions for nodes that are not listed above, such as ligands (hormones, neurotransmitters, paracrine/autocrine agents, etc) and second massagers (calcium, lipid messengers, nitric oxide (NO), redox signaling, etc) and other co-nodes.


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