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Gene-based Services

Gene-based Services

Proteins encoded by genes are the regulatory elements in every cellular activity. The core of investigating a signaling pathway is to find the regulators and dissect the mechanisms of the regulation.

CD BioSciences offers services covering all gene-related assays from identifying regulator genes participating in signaling pathways or disease of your interest, expressing genes in your system of interest transiently or stably, manipulating gene expression by traditional RNAi or CRISPR gene editing, to detecting, quantifying and comparing gene expression systematically. You can follow our workflow down below to conduct your research.

Workflow of gene-based services at CD BioSciences

Gene-based services

Customized Gene Finding to Identify Regulator Genes

Signaling pathways regulate cellular activities such as apoptosis, immune response, metabolism, and cell proliferation. Dysregulations of cellular activities in pathological or disease states often cause dysregulations of signaling pathways and vice versa.

Identification of regulator genes in signaling pathways and studying the mechanism of their regulation is of great importance for both research and medical purpose. CD BioSciences offers a variety of assays to help you identify your gene of interest so you can further conduct your research and make significant breakthroughs.

Gene-based services

Customized Gene Expression to Express Regulator Genes

Analysis of gene expression is one of the most basic part of any life science research such as studying mechanisms of signaling pathways.

There are multiple occasions you want to either detect or modify gene expression, or simply express your genes of interest in your model system. CD BioSciences offers a comprehensive solution to help you express your gene of interest, monitor or manipulate gene expressions.

Gene-based services

Customized Gene Engineering to Manipulate Gene Expression

Manipulating gene expression allows scientists to analyze gene function and study the effect of genes on cellular activity or the phenotypes of an organism. In signaling pathway related research, manipulations of gene expression are required to study if a gene is involved in the signaling transduction process.

As a leading provider of customized services, CD BioSciences offers a comprehensive solution to help you manipulate the expression of your genes of interest. With cutting-edge gene editing technologies, we will make any gene modification you want in the organism you specified.

Gene-based services

Gene Expression Profiling to Detect Changes of Gene Expression

Gene expression profiling reveals the pattern of genes expressed in a biological system by measuring the levels of RNA, which is the product of gene transcription.

To help you understand how a system is functioning and gain insight into which gene or signaling pathway is involved in a certain phenotype, CD BioSciences offers a comprehensive solution to provide you with accurate information on gene expression and support your further investigation.


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