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Pathway-based Services

Pathway-based Services

Cell signaling is a series of cellular events that molecules interact and stimulate surrounding proteins, lipids, and ions to realize cytoskeletal reorganization, modulation of differentiation, and induction of gene expression. The study of signaling pathways has been a hot area in the past few decades, investigating the mechanism by which stimuli are transmitted via signaling cascades to effector molecules that orchestrate the appropriate response.

With advanced technologies and dedicated scientists, CD BioSciences empowers your research with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to investigate cell signaling pathways and signaling transduction events.


Signal Transduction Events

A cell signaling transduction event can be divided into 3 stages: reception, signaling molecule from the outside of the cell is detected; transduction, the signal molecules bind the receptors and induce changes of molecules inside of cell; response, specific cellular responses are triggered to cope with the stimuli.

A Simplified Diagram of Signaling Pathway

Our Services for Signaling Pathway Research

CD BioSciences offers full coverage of services for signaling pathway research including but not limited to the following.

  • Cell Signaling Pathway Reporter Screening
  • With access to a growing menu of reporters for monitoring cell signaling events, we screen chemical compounds, RNAi libraries or CRISPR sgRNA libraries against the signaling pathway reporters upon your requests.

  • Inhibitor Blocking Assays
  • Signaling transduction proteins have been the targets of many pharmacologic agents over the last few decades. We provide a variety of compound screening assays, as well as morphologic, biochemical, and behavioral analyses to assess the effect of inhibitors on certain signaling pathways.

  • Visualizing Signal Transduction Events
  • Signaling transduction events, such as calcium or pH changes, can be tracked with intracellular fluorescent indicators; translocation of specific proteins can be tracked with immunohistochemistry or genetically encoded fluorescent proteins (e.g., GFP, RFP). We offer services for visualization of signaling transduction events including live cell imaging.

  • Pathway Profiling with Antibody Array
  • An antibody array is a form of protein microarray which is a high-throughput technology for protein profiling. The study of signaling transduction allows researchers to study the changes of protein level or PTM in a single experiment. We offer antibody array development and testing services for a wide range of signaling pathways.

  • Biochemical Analysis
  • Traditionally, signaling pathways are studied by using biochemical analysis, such as Western Blots, immunoprecipitation, and pull-down assays. We offer a complete panel of protein-based assays for the characterization of regulators in signaling pathways.

  • Cell Phenotype Analysis
  • In the study of signal transduction events in cells, cell phenotypic assays determine the differences in cytoskeletal elements, changes in cell shape, matrix binding, migration and differentiation characteristics, as well as analyze cell proliferation, toxicity, viability and apoptosis. We offer a complete portfolio of high-quality cell-base assay services for the analysis of cultured cells.


CD BioSciences offers cost-effect, high quality and hassle-free signaling pathway research solutions to our clients worldwide. We guarantee to deliver our products and results on time. Please feel free to contact us.

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