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Protein-based Services

Protein-based Services

Proteins carry out most of the work in a biological system. They form the structure of cells and act as enzymes, transporters and signaling molecules. In signaling pathways, proteins are almost present in every node, from receptor, regulator (e.g. kinase, phosphatase), to effector (e.g. transcription factor). Studying the function of a protein and understanding its role in signaling transduction is a key part of dissecting the mechanisms of signaling pathways.

CD BioSciences offers services covering all protein-related assays from detecting and quantifying protein expression levels in the system of your interest, purifying proteins from a proper system for further analysis, developing antibodies specifically match your research purpose, in vivo or in vitro detecting interactions between proteins and other biomolecular, multidimensionally characterizing properties (physical, chemical, and biological) of proteins.

protein-based services

protein-based services

Protein Detection

Signaling pathways are mostly constituted by proteins which act as receptors mediators and effectors. Sensitively detecting and accurately quantifying proteins is required for understanding the mechanism of cell signaling pathways and studying the regulation of a variety of disease states.

CD BioSciences offers a variety of protein detection and quantification services to fulfill your demands. With our optimized platform for protein detection in cells, tissues, and any other samples, you are allowed to assess how proteins are expressed in the system under certain conditions.

protein-based services

Protein Purification

Recombinant protein expression is a technique of target protein production by recombinant DNA, which is commonly used across diverse areas of life science research, from the analysis of cellular proteins in signaling pathways to high-yield protein production for drug development.

CD BioSciences offers comprehensive services of protein purification, including gene cloning, gene expression, protein extraction, desalting, aliquoting, lyophilization and conjugation.

protein-based services

Antibody Development

Antibodies are indispensable reagents for diverse fields of scientific research, such as studying signaling pathways. In the discovery of a novel gene in a signaling pathway, it's likely there is no ready-to-use antibody for you to conduct your experiments.

CD BioSciences offers a comprehensive antibody production service portfolio, from antigen design to antibody purification and testing.

protein-based services

Protein Interaction

In a signaling pathway, proteins constantly interact with other proteins, which is the basis of the regulation. Disruption of these interactions causes malfunction of signaling transduction and may eventually lead to relevant diseases.

Studying protein interactions is central in the area of bioscience and medical research. With extensive experience, CD BioSciences offers a variety of assays to help you identify and manipulate protein interactions.

protein-based services

Protein Characterization

It is of great importance to characterize proteins for drug development purposes or just for studying the properties of proteins to understand how they function in a signaling pathway.

CD BioSciences has successfully adapted a broad range of cutting-edge technologies in biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, molecular medicine to provide clients with a portfolio of comprehensive protein-based solutions including protein identification and characterization.


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