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Protein Detection

Protein Detection

Proteins are a class of macromolecules that perform a diverse range of functions in the system. They provide structural support and act as enzymes, carriers and hormones to carry out most of the work in a system. Protein detection and quantification is to detect the presence of a protein in a system and quantify its level. It is an important step for protein isolation and characterization.

Signaling pathways are mostly constituted by proteins which act as receptors mediators and effectors. Sensitively detecting and accurately quantifying proteins is required for understanding the mechanism of cell signaling pathways and studying the regulation of a variety of disease states.

CD BioSciences offers a variety of protein detection and quantification services to fulfill your demands. With our optimized platform for protein detection in cells, tissues, and any other samples, you are allowed to assess how proteins are expressed in the system under certain conditions.

Protein detection

Our Services

It is hard to find the universal approach to protein detection and protein quantification. We offer a broad range of assays allowing you to understand protein structure and function, as well as to characterize post-translational modifications and localization of the proteins.

Protein detection

Traditional Western Blot (WB)

WB is the most widely used analytical technique to detect specific proteins in a sample.

We offer highly specific and sensitive WB assays with our vast pre-validated antibody library to free you from antibody validation and condition optimization.

Protein detection

Radioimmunoassay (RIA)

RIA is a very sensitive and specific assay to detect and quantify specific antigens in a sample using antibodies by engaging in competitive binding.

With RIA, we sensitively detect proteins with concentrations as low as a few picograms.

Protein detection

ELISA Testing

ELISA is a widely used analytical biochemistry assay to measure antibodies, antigens, proteins, glycoproteins, etc.

With the ability to rapidly handle a large number of samples in parallel, we offer a complete sample-to-result ELISA testing service in cells, tissues, serum, or culture media.

Protein detection

Antibody Array Testing

An antibody array is a form of protein microarray which is a high-throughput technology for protein profiling. It allows scientists to sensitively detect protein level or PTM in signaling pathways through a single experiment.

We use our high-throughput antibody array testing assays to perform protein profiling in cells, tissues, serum, or culture media.

Protein detection


Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunocytochemistry (ICC) and Immunofluorescence (IF) are immunostaining methods utilizing antibodies to provide visual details about protein abundance, distribution and localization in tissues or cultured cell lines.

With experience in developing and validating antibodies, we perform various high-quality immunostaining to locate your proteins of interest.

Protein detection

Protein Tagging and Live Cell Imaging

For proteins with no ready-to-use antibody and for imaging living cells using time-lapse microscopy to study how a protein changes location and expression, we offer protein tagging and live cell imaging service to researchers for possibilities to study protein biology

Protein detection

Mass Spectrometry (MS)

MS is a traditional approach of protein identification and quantification, which can be used to profile and compare global proteomic changes or precisely quantify specific proteins.

We offer MS services with different labeling methods (e.g. SALIC, TMT) for both discovery and targeted proteomics applications.


CD BioSciences offers cost-effect, high quality and hassle-free protein detection services to our clients worldwide. We guarantee to deliver our results on time. Please feel free to contact us.

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