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Multi-omics Platform

Multi-omics Platform

Omics implies a comprehensive assessment of molecules that make up a biological system (cell, tissue, or organism). It can be further categorized into genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc, each of which allows a systematic view of the structure, function and dynamics of a specific type of biomolecules in the system.

Omics has been broadly applied in biological and medical research. In signaling pathways, proteins and their partners are of great dynamics in their interactions, activities, localizations, and PTMs. Thus, omic-scale approaches are essential for the characterization of regulators in signaling pathways. 

Engaging MS-based technologies and NGS-based technologies, CD BioSciences provides a multi-omics platform to enable multi-layer profiling of regulations in signaling pathways, even at the single-cell level.




Genomics is the study of the whole genomes of a biological system. It incorporates NGS-based DNA sequencing, bioinformatics and analysis of structures.

CD BioSciences offers a series of genomics solutions, including de novo sequencing to obtain genome sequence of novel species, genome re-sequencing to identify genetic variations between individual biological systems.



Epigenomics is the systematic analysis of the epigenetic modifications (DNA and histone modifications) of a biological system. Different from genomes which are uniform in all cells of an organism, epigenomes are cell type-specific.

CD BioSciences offers solutions to detect epigenetic modifications, identify regulators and understand function of those modifications.



Transcriptomics is the study of the transcriptome which is composed of protein-coding mRNAs and non-coding RNAs (ncRNA), the former of which are translated into proteins to function in cellular activity, while the latter regulates gene expression through transcription, splicing and translation.

CD BioSciences offers powerful solutions for transcriptomics, aiming at characterizing the transcriptional activity in a biological system, analyzing regulation of gene expression, determining gene function and revealing the cause-and-effect relationship between signaling pathways and cellular processes.



Proteomics is the study of the entire set of proteins in a biological system. It is applied to understand the function of individual proteins, and enables the determination of gene and cellular function at the protein level.

CD BioSciences offers a panel of MS-based solutions to identify proteins as regulators in certain signaling pathways, detect and characterize PTMs, and determine interacting partners of certain proteins.


Metabolomics & Lipidomics

Metabolomics is the quantitative measurements of metabolites, small molecule substrates, intermediates and other products of metabolism in a biological system. Lipidomics, a subset of metabolomics, is devoted to profiling the lipidome in a cell, tissue, or organism.

CD BioSciences offers a panel of MS-based solutions for metabolomics and lipidomics analysis, including detection and quantification of metabolites and lipid species, and analysis of metabolic flux.


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