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Metabolism Assays

Metabolism Assays

Cellular metabolism refers to a set of chemical reactions through which energy and structural components are provided for life-sustaining processes. Dysregulation of cellular metabolism may result in a variety of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Metabolites are involved in the energy production and generation of cellular building blocks and often participate in signaling pathways as ligands. Metabolic activity assays are used to determine the metabolic stability of the system, so that researchers can have a better understanding of it.

CD BioSciences offers a portfolio of metabolism assay services to measure the levels of various metabolites and metabolic activities.

Metabolite Detection

We provide sensitive assays to detect and quantify metabolites, coenzymes and cofactors in lipid, carbohydrate, and amino acid metabolism. Metabolite detection can be used as a powerful research tool to measure metabolic changes in cells, tissues, as well as certain organisms.


Metabolites in Lipid Metabolism

Triglyceride, Glycerol, Free Fatty Acid, Acetyl-CoA, malondialdehyde (MDA), Cholesterol and Cholesterol Esters, etc.


Metabolites in Carbohydrate Metabolism

Total Carbohydrate, Glucose, Glucose-6-Phosphate, Lactate, Pyruvate, Fructose, Galactose, Ethanol, Glycogen, Free Glycerol, etc.


Metabolites in Amino Acid Metabolism

Amino Acids (i.e. Glycine, Glutamate, Aspartate, Tyrosine, Cysteine, Phenylalanine), Creatinine, Urea, Uric Acid, Adenosine, Ammonia, Inosine, Glutamine, α-ketoglutarate, Coenzyme A, etc.


Coenzymes and Cofactors

ADP/ATP, NAD/NADH, NADP/NADPH, Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide (FAD), Glutathione (GSH), Hemin, Phospholipase D, Coenzyme A, etc.

Metabolic Activity Assays

  • Glucose Uptake
  • LDL Cholesterol Uptake Assay
  • Free Fatty Acid Uptake Assay
  • Glycolysis (ECAR) Assay
  • Adipogenesis Assay
  • Lipolysis Assay
  • Oxygen Consumption
  • Lipid Peroxidation (MDA) Assay
  • Lipid Droplet Isolation
  • Nile Red Lipid Staining
  • Fatty Acid Oxidation Assay
  • Enzyme Activity Assays

CD BioSciences has developed a wide range of metabolic activity assays, which help researchers to monitor cellular metabolic activities with the challenges of therapeutic treatment or gene modification.


CD BioSciences offers cost-effect, high quality and hassle-free metabolism assay services to our clients worldwide. We guarantee to deliver our results on time. Please feel free to contact us.

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