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Immunoassay Platform

Immunoassay Platform

Immunoassays are highly selective bioanalytical methods that rely on the reaction between antibodies and antigens to detect the presence and measure the concentration of analytes ranging from small molecules to macromolecules. They are widely used in biological and medical research labs to study diverse biological processes and diseases progression.

Singleplex immunoassays, such as ELISA and WB, are capable of detecting and measuring a single analyte at a time, while multiplexed immunoassays allow for the simultaneous detection and quantification of multiple analytes in complex samples. In contrast to singleplex immunoassays, multiplex immunoassays provide wealthy information on the roles of multiple proteins and other biomolecules, nevertheless, they required more resources.

Equipped with a well-established immunology-based platform and scientists rich in experience, CD BioSciences provides a series of immunoassays for quick and better protein detection and biomarker analysis to facilitate your research in signaling pathways and diseases.


Our Immunology-based Solutions

  • Singleplex Immunoassays

Singleplex immunoassays, such as WB and ELISA, can detect the presence of a single protein and measure the abundance of the protein in a sample. They are of high accuracy and specificity, and have been broadly applied in biological and medical research.

Western Blot

Western Blot (WB), or immunoblot, is an immunology-based analytical technique widely used to detect proteins in a sample. In a typical WB, proteins are separated through gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), and transferred to a membrane where they are accessible to antibody detection. It is extensively used in biochemical research and has been applied to medical diagnostics, such as HIV test, diagnosis of tularemia.


ELISA (the Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay) uses a solid-phase type of enzyme immunoassay to detect the presence of a ligand in a liquid sample. It allows the identification and quantification of known analytes, such as proteins and small molecular chemicals, and has been used as the gold standard in both clinical and basic research labs.

  • Multiplexed Immunoassays

Multiplexed immunoassays detect and quantify proteins or other biomolecules within a single experiment. It can be applied to investigate cellular regulatory events and monitor complex, multifactorial diseases such as cancers, autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

Antibody Array

An antibody array (antibody microarray) is a form of protein microarray, where a collection of antibodies is fixed on a solid surface. It has been applied to detect and quantify biomarkers in blood, plasma, serum and culture cells for an appropriate diagnosis of a disease or monitoring of its treatment.

Bead-based Multiplex Immunoassay

Bead-based multiplex immunoassay uses magnetic beads coupled to antibodies to simultaneously measure multiple analytes in a single experiment. It allows more in-depth measurement of multiple analytes at once, often in less time, which makes it more suitable for biomarker discovery, diseases diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

Summary of Immunoassays

Method Advantages Drawbacks Application
WB Tells molecular weight of analytes Semi-quantitative; Low-throughput Detecting a single protein/biomarker
ELISA Quantitative Low-throughput Quantifying a single protein/ biomarker
Antibody Arrays High-throughput;
Requires specialized equipment Screening proteins/ biomarkers/cytokines
Bead-based Multiplex Technology Very high-throughput;
Requires less sample
Requires specialized equipment Screening proteins/ biomarkers/cytokines

3 Steps of Our Immunoassays

3 steps of immunoassays at CD BioSciences

CD BioSciences provides a series of immunoassays for better and faster detection and quantification of proteins, biomarkers, cytokines, or interferons (IFNs) in various samples, such as blood, plasma, serum, culture cells, and tissues. You may also find our Protein Detection service helpful.


CD BioSciences offers cost-effect, high quality and hassle-free immunology-based solutions to our clients worldwide. We guarantee to deliver our products and results on time. Please feel free to contact us.

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