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Genomics is the study of whole genomes of a biological system, focusing on the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of genomes. It incorporates DNA sequencing, bioinformatics and analysis of structures. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology has been broadly applied in genomics studies, such as whole genome sequencing (WGS), exome sequencing and ChIP-seq.

In the research of signaling pathways, identification of genes as novel regulators of certain pathways and study of the mechanisms have always been the mainstay. Nevertheless, determining the associations between genetic variations of gene-regulating signaling pathways and human diseases is of great medical value.

Engaging the most advanced sequencing technologies, CD BioSciences offers a series of genomics solutions including de novo sequencing, re-sequencing, exome sequencing, etc.


Solutions for Genomics

  • De novo Sequencing

    De novo sequencing refers to the sequencing of the genome of a species without a reference sequence for alignment, which involves sequencing fragmented DNA, assembling the reads as contigs and ordering the contigs to generate the entire genome sequence.

    CD BioSciences offers de novo whole genome sequencing to generate accurate reference sequence for species without published genome sequence, and to improve annotations and identify variations for species with published genome data.

  • Genome Re-sequencing

    In genome re-sequencing, a genome is sequenced and aligned to reference genome sequence to identify genetic variations, such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and insertions-deletions (InDels). With experiments properly designed, large rearrangements (e.g., translocations, inversions, large copy number variations) can also be identified.

    CD BioSciences offers low-cost genome re-sequencing and data analysis for organisms whose genome sequences are available. It can be applied to allele mining, mutation identification, molecular marker development and breeding, genome-wide association study (GWAS), etc.

  • Exome Sequencing

    In exome sequencing, the whole protein-coding regions of genes in a genome (known as the exome) are sequenced to identify genetic variants that alter protein sequences. It is much more efficient than WGS and more accurate than DNA microarray to identify protein codon changes.

    CD BioSciences offers whole exome sequencing and data analysis to suit your specific research needs. It can be applied to the identification of genetic variations in mutagenesis screening or Mendelian diseases, and GWAS to associate DNA variations with phenotypes such as common polygenic diseases.

  • Metagenomics

    Metagenomics studies the genomes of whole biological communities from a particular environment, such as gut microbiota. Traditional microbial genome sequencing relies on isolation and cultivation of those microbes, while a majority of which are missed in the cultivation process. Metagenome sequencing offers a powerful lens for studying microbial biodiversity.

    CD BioSciences offers high-throughput whole metagenome shotgun sequencing of DNA isolated from microbial samples with high coverage to provide information on species composition and abundance, identify functional genes, gene differences between samples.

  • GWAS

    Genome-wide Association Study (GWAS), also known as Whole Genome Association Study, is a hypothesis-free method to identify associations between genetic variations in different individuals and traits such as human diseases.

    CD BioSciences offers a complete set of GWAS services which can be applied to gene-phenotype association studies in human cells or any other organisms.

  • ChIP-seq

    ChIP-seq, combining chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and DNA sequencing, identifies genome-wide DNA binding sites for transcription factors and other proteins such as histone or epigenetic modifiers. It is used to determine the bind sites of proteins in their functional characterization.

    CD BioSciences offers cost-effective ChIP-seq services that require low DNA input to identify binding sites for your protein of interest.

Workflow of Our Genomics Solutions

Workflow of genomics solutions at CD BioSciences


CD BioSciences offers cost-effect, high quality and hassle-free genomics solutions to our clients worldwide. We guarantee to deliver our products and results on time. Please feel free to contact us.

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