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Customized Gene Finding

Customized Gene Finding

Signaling transduction is one of the most widely studied areas in cell biology. In a signaling pathway, there are several components including ligand, receptor, primary effector, second massager, secondary effecter and so on. Signaling pathways regulate cellular activities such as apoptosis, immune response, metabolism, and cell proliferation. Dysregulations of cellular activities in pathological or disease states often cause dysregulations of signaling pathways and vice versa.

Identification of regular genes in signaling pathways and studying the mechanism of their regulation is of great importance for both research and medical purpose. When you are interested in a certain disease or a pathway, you must find regulators to gain insight into it. CD BioSciences offers a variety of assays to help you identify your gene of interest so you can further conduct your research and make significant breakthroughs.

Fig 1-8. gene finding

Our Gene Finding Solutions

What are better ways to find a regulator gene of signaling pathways than screening? CD BioSciences offers several screening strategies with different assays.

Screening with Libraries

With the following libraries, we perform high-throughput screening (HTS) with our Cell Signaling Pathway Reporter, or using our Phenotype Analysis. We also develop assays to specifically match your requests.

  • Chemical Compound Libraries

    Screening chemical compounds against certain reporters or phenotypes, and identifying the target of the chemical compound.

    With our Drug Discovery and Target Identification services, we find chemical compounds that modulate your pathway or disease of interest and identify cellular targets of the compounds.

  • shRNA or siRNA Libraries

    Identification of genes relevant to a given pathway or in association with a mutant phenotype via gene knockdown.

    We offer genome-wide or targeted RNAi screening using shRNA or siRNA libraries against genes in multiple species including human, mouse and rat.

  • CRISPR sgRNA libraries

    High-throughput manipulating gene expressions genome-widely or in specific pathways using CRISPR sgRNA libraries.

    We offer flexible CRISPR KO (knockout), CRISPRi (interference) and CRISPRa (activation) screening, data analysis and target validation to ensure results with high quality and high confidence.

Interacting Protein Analysis by Co-IP/MS

The coupling of mass spectrometry (MS) with co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) allows efficient identification of interacting proteins of the protein primarily targeted by antibodies.

We offer Co-IP/MS service to uncover interacting proteins of your protein of interest,as well as Protein Interaction assays to better confirm the results.

Comparative Transcriptomics

mRNA-seq, differential expression (DE) analysis and gene ontology (GO) analysis reveal genes and pathways that could be responsible for the phenotypic difference between samples.

With our next generation sequence (NGS) platform, we offer transcriptome sequence and DE analysis to find genes and pathways associated with gene modification, drug treatment or other altered conditions in your samples.

In vitro Pulldown and MS

Pulldown determines the physical interaction between two or more biomolecules. Coupling with MS, it allows the identification of interacting molecules of the bait molecule.

We offer in vitro pulldown services using proteins, DNA oligos, RNA oligos, small-molecule chemicals, or other suitable biomolecules (e.g., amino acids, fatty acids, metabolites) as bait to capture proteins bound to them.


CD BioSciences offers cost-effect, high quality and hassle-free gene finding services to our clients worldwide. We guarantee to deliver our results on time. Please feel free to contact us.

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