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Antibody Array Testing

Antibody Array Testing

An antibody array is a form of protein microarray which is a high-throughput technology for protein profiling. In this technology, a collection of antibodies is spotted and fixed on a solid surface such as glass, plastic, membrane, or silicon chip, and the interaction between the antibody and its target antigen is detected. It can be used to detect the levels of protein expression or post-translational modification (PTM).

An antibody array allows researchers to study the changes of protein level or PTM in signaling pathways through a single experiment. Besides, antibody array screening often accelerates the discovery of novel regulators related to signaling pathways.

CD BioSciences offers a variety of antibody array testing services to fulfill your demands. With our ELISA based platform for high-throughput protein profiling in cells, tissues, serum, or even culture media, you are free from lousy work, like conventional Western Blots or traditional ELISA.

Antibody Array Testing

Our Antibody Array Services


Protein Profiling

  • To quantify and compare the expression levels of proteins of interest in different samples.
  • Screen a large number of proteins to identify your proteins of interest in signaling pathways.
Blood Cells

 Phosphorylation Profiling

  • To detect protein expression and phosphorylated proteins in specific signaling pathways to gain a comprehensive overview of signaling pathway activity regulation.
Ubiquitin Protein

Ubiquitination Profiling

  • To detect protein expression and ubiquitination level in specific signaling pathways to gain a comprehensive overview of signaling pathway activity regulation.
Connected Cells

Cell Surface Marker and Cytokine Profiling

  • To characterize a certain cell type.
  • To analyze cell composition in a certain tissue sample.

CD BioSciences offers a complete sample-to-result service for a variety of different sample types, including culture cells, tissues, serum, or plasma.

The Workflow of Antibody Array Testing

Workflow of antibody array testing service at CD BioSciences.


  • Protein Expression Level Analysis
  • Signaling Pathway Profiling
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Drug Target Discovery
  • etc.


CD BioSciences offers cost-effect, high quality and hassle-free antibody array testing services to our clients worldwide. We guarantee to deliver our results on time. Please feel free to contact us.

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